At the heart of BCG’s philosophy is our strong, value-based culture that focuses less on what we do and more on how we do it. Having been in operation for more than 55 years across the UAE, our extensive experience has enabled us to deliver various projects effectively through a variety of construction methodologies underpinned by our core value of collaborating closely with our stakeholders.

Our construction methodology has adopted a flexible agile approach, our teams are able to rapidly respond to changes during the development lifecycle that best serves the project and client’s interest. We successfully delivered exceptional projects for clients in both the private and public sectors, ranging from roads to high-rise buildings with an outstanding 100% success rate. As a leading EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) contractor, we have provided various turn key projects in the region.

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver projects on time and on budget, and we have infinitely proved that we can deliver projects in remote environments, where access to resources is challenging and logistics and planning are paramount. Our focus at BCG has always been on building long-term sustainable relationships with our valued clients. From our beginnings, we have worked to establish and strengthen our relationships with our valued customers. We are proud that over time, our client relationship has developed through mutual trust and expertise. BCG is an Oracle based firm, we use the latest state of the art cloud-based technologies that benefit our approach to managing, executing and monitoring daily tasks across all our departments.



700 M+

Annual turnover


Successfuel project delivery


Projects Delivered

Financial Strength

The financial strength of a construction company is the cornerstone of success. Having been in business since 1967, BCG has built a solid financial foundation that is a key indicator of our prosperity.

The Group has accumulated extensive expertise and its consistent desire to reach the highest level of client satisfaction that has played a key role in our Financial performance/strength. BCG’s outstanding performance since inception has strengthened its financial capability, as a result the balance sheets has expanded to over circa. AED 850 million by the end of the 2019 financial year, with a gross growth on shareholder’s equity that achieved circa. AED 395 million out of an initial capital of AED 15 million.

This sheds a vital light for clients as it gives them confidence, trust, and comfort in the partner they select. For more than 50 years, BCG has maintained a conservative and fiscally-sound approach to management. Our company’s financial strength is also reflected through the solid relationship and trust we have with the region’s leading banks since 1970.

“ We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver projects on time and on budget, and we have infinitely proved that we can deliver projects in remote environments.”

Our People

When it comes to BCG’s real strengths, our people make this business bloom. They are the foremost and primary reason for our ongoing and continuous success.

We aim to build strong, meaningful, and lasting relationships with our dedicated and loyal employees who have been onboard for over 4 decades. Our teams are known for their innovative and proactive approach and their commitment to the principles of collaborative contracting. BCG employs over 5,000 experienced personnel across all levels of staffing, ranging from senior managers and engineers to foremen and labourers, all bringing diverse perspectives and experience to our industry. BCG currently operates 3 well-equipped labour camps to cater for project-accommodation requirements.

Project Management Office

Construction projects simultaneously address the geography, site conditions, communities, physical environments, existing infrastructure as well as a wide range of stakeholder requirements. Construction projects occur in an ever-changing, complex environment, and often with a high degree of risk.

To address these varying and competing objectives, BCG maintains the Project Management Office (PMO) that is responsible to implement and maintain high-level standards of project management to ensure that all projects’ objectives are fully attained. BCG’s management continuously improves project-management resources, system & tools and ensures the development and implementation of consistent as well as standardized processes to maintain consistency in the management and execution of projects. BCG’s successful project management concentrates on three core pillars: time, cost and quality. Our efficiency and cost-control measures have not only our best interests but more importantly, our clients’ interests at heart. BCG’s advanced management and organizational skills coupled with results-oriented approach, has resulted in successful completion and delivery of several large and iconic projects in the region.

We have consistently demonstrated the necessary management and organisational skills required to support some of the largest projects in the region.


Average safe hours annually

“ Our efficiency and cost-control measures have not only our best interests but more importantly, our clients’ interests at heart.”

Health & Safety

Keeping our personnel and project sites safe is central to everything we do at BCG. Being part of BCG’s core values and as a leading national company, we are committed to upholding the highest possible safety standards across our business. Our safety culture has been forged from the top down, and from day one, these values are instilled within our organization to ensure the welfare of our people. We retain a knowledgeable and highly skilled team that is committed to safety; adhering to comprehensive HSE safety standards and procedures for each project.

All health and safety team members on site obtain a NEBOSH International Certificate. In addition, BCG operates its own Medical clinic that is operated by a MOH licenced doctor and nurses, the clinic aims to ensure that the workforce receives the care and wellbeing required in a timely manner.


As a company that strives for excellence, our reputation is built on quality. Our team endeavours to incorporate quality-control measures into all facets of our business. BCG’s commitment to quality and the best workmanship standards are always evident in the hundreds of projects executed in our rich portfolio. We operate a certified Quality Management System to ISO 9001:2015 (Certified by TUV Nord), and our corporate culture embodies a strong belief in providing only first-rate service.


BCG recognises that operating in a sustainable manner is an important business practice that enhances value for shareholders, employees and the communities in which we operate. We make every effort to maintain the delicate balance between responsible development and preserving the environment, remaining acutely aware of our carbon footprint while looking for ways to reduce it. These efforts include implementation of a fleet-management system that keeps track of and decreases our fuel consumption using GPS systems. A unique environmental plan is created for every project to ensure that soil erosion, waste, noise, dust and other factors are minimised.

We pride ourselves to have successfully delivered Istidama and LEED certified projects across the UAE. We are highly sensitive to the overriding need to consider and protect our natural environment to preserve the land for future generations to enjoy.


BCG provides its clients with turn-key solutions in a complex built environment, presenting us as a renowned turnkey partner with vast in house capabilities, including Building Engineering, Civil Infrastructural Works, Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing solutions

Building Engineering Works

Since 1967, we have delivered cost effective building solutions that are tailored to meet each unique project and its geographical and logistical constrains. We differentiate in our offering by combining the latest construction methodologies, technologies and innovations that enables us to provide unique solutions to complex projects. Our track record of working closely with all levels of the project team such as Employers, Engineers and Sub contractors has enabled the cultivation of the most effective outcome for all stakeholders.

We pride our successful delivery of a wide range of projects covering different sectors within the built environment such as high-rise buildings, hotels, palaces, public stadiums, airports, health care facilities and public transportation hubs.

Civil Infrastructural Works

BCG has developed a leading reputation as an infrastructural specialist in delivering developments that entail complex earthworks, shoring, piling, pipe laying, road works and bridge constructions, we have a proven history of executing some of the most iconic and complex infrastructural projects in the region dating back to 1967 when BCG delivered its first road project connecting the northern emirates from Sharjah to Ras Al Khaimah.

BCG’s Piling Division is a fully equipped piling and shoring unit that offers its services to public and private sector clients. The department accommodates highly specialized geotechnical engineers with over 35 years of experience in the industry.

We offer and deliver complete piling and shoring solutions in a timely and effective manner with special regards to quality and safety standards. With the use of the latest piling equipment and other state of the art technologies such as the Soilmec SR80. Additionally, our in-house soil testing laboratories, enables us to fulfil planning, designing, testing and execution demands of the most complex engineering projects at the low conceivable cost.

“ We differentiate in our offering by combining the latest construction methodologies, technologies and innovations.”

Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing

Binladin contracting group (BCG)’s remarkable achievements in the construction industry should be partly credited to its unique integrated structural set up. Having almost all the trades of the industry as subsidiaries, partners and associates has enhanced its capabilities to challenge any anticipated requirements.

The electro-mechanical division has always been as one of its valuable assets.
The division provides complete engineering, procurement, installation, commissioning and maintenance solutions. With a highly experienced multi-disciplinary engineering team, the team is capable to handle entire MEP requirements of any complex project; from new building services installations to renovation works, LEED and ESTIDAMA certified projects, chiller plants, solar parks, pumping stations, treatment plants and utilities infrastructure projects. Our successful portfolio includes many prominent projects in various sectors such as governmental facilities, sports facilities, universities, airports, hotels, palaces, residential and commercial buildings that met the highest quality and functional standards.


Innovation is part of our core rationale. Regardless of the project and location, our engineers encounter some of the most complex and challenging problems. By applying our ingenuity and creativity, we innovate to find the most cost-effective solutions for our clients. As a multi-disciplinary contractor, we view matters in a unique perspective, and offer our expertise across sub-structural, civil, hydraulic, architectural and electromechanical engineering services all under one roof. This allows us to deliver efficient solutions to construction. Moreover, this integrated insight allows us to foresee risk and overcome potential time and cost impacts on the programme. At BCG, we also provide design and build solutions for our clients including turn key options for projects that are designed, approved, procured and executed by our teams.

“ As a multidisciplinary contractor, we view matters in a unique perspective, and offer our expertise across sub-structural, civil, hydraulic, architectural and electromechanical engineering services all under one roof.”

Digital Engineering

Digital engineering, also known as building information modelling (BIM), is an intelligent 3D model-based set of processes that integrate multidisciplinary trades in the construction industry in order to ensure efficient planning, design, construction and management of buildings infrastructures, these tools entail harnessing the true potential of the construction industry. BCG has exploited the benefits of using this technology and many benefits have been realised in various projects. BIM allows us to carry out an early-stage multi-disciplinary clash detection, ensuring a seamless site execution and handover that positively impact the project schedule.

Value Engineering

At BCG our dedicated engineering team seeks to further enhance and optimise building designs during the pre-construction stage, this process results in creating options that not only adhere to the requirements but often results in time and cost savings that are attained through careful substitution of materials and construction methodologies.

These Value engineering methodologies are especially beneficial when applied to structural elements of the building project. The true benefits of value engineering and optimisation goes beyond time and cost savings. The stakeholders will appreciate the value for money spent and time invested because the project is further optimised to achieve a particular functional efficiency.

BCG Asphalt Plant

BCG has established its own Asphalt Mixing Plant in 2002 with a capacity of 175 tons per hour, and a wet-mix plant with a capacity of 200 tons per hour, satisfying roads and infrastructural projects’ supply needs. All our products meet the stringent quality requirements of the Roads and Transportation Authority. Currently, the plants are operated by 150 technical staff.

All mixed products have been tested in extreme conditions to ensure that highest industry standards and practices are achieved. The Asphalt Plant Division also supplies public and private external sectors. BCG Asphalt plant is located in Jebel Ali, over a land area of 25,000 Sqm.

Plant, Machinery, & Vehicles

The PMV division operates 500+ various asset types of machineries and vehicles, serving all construction sectors such as high-rise buildings, earth moving, lifting, road works, enabling works, logistics and transportations. Moreover, BCG’s PMV unit has three field service units and fuel distribution tankers. Currently, the PMV unit is being operated by over 400 technicians and staff. The main workshop is located in Sharjah, over an area of 40,000 Sqm.

Operation & Maintenance

At BCG, client satisfaction is our highest priority. Therefore, we understood the importance of having an Operation and Maintenance department with a clear objective of providing continuous support and maintenance services to our distinctive clients.

Our O&M team is trained and qualified to operate and implement sophisticated technologies such as SCADA systems & Building Management Systems (BMS). Moreover, our services include HVAC Maintenance, MEP Maintenance, Painting Works & Pump Station Maintenance.

BCG Workshop

The BCG workshop specialises in producing casework, kitchens, and gypsum-board products. Formed in 1995 with approximately 50 skilled staff, the division can produce 30 caseworks on average daily. The workshop has a sufficient capacity to supply products for public and private sector clients.

The workshop has served on various project sizes ranging from small subcontractor works to supplying main contractors such as Arabtec Construction, Al Naboodah, Al Rustumani.