Corporate Capability

At the heart of BCG’s philosophy is our strong, value-based culture that focuses less on what we do and more on how we do it. Having been in operation for more than 50 years across the UAE, our extensive experience has enabled us to deliver any type of project effectively through a variety of construction methodologies underpinned by our core value of collaborating closely with our clients. We successfully delivered exceptional projects for clients in both the private and public sectors, ranging from roads to high-rise buildings with an outstanding 100% success rate. As a leading EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) contractor, we have provided various turn key projects in the region. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver projects on time and on budget, and we have infinitely proved that we can deliver projects in remote environments, where access to resources is challenging and logistics and planning are paramount.

Our focus at BCG has always been on building long-term sustainable relationships with our valued clients. From our beginnings, we have worked to establish and strengthen our relationships with our valued customers. We are proud that over time, our client relationship has developed through mutual trust, expertise and our proven success. BCG is an Oracle based firm, we use the latest state of the art cloud-based technologies (Oracle Fusion) that benefit our approach to managing, executing and monitoring daily tasks across all our departments.

Our People

When it comes to BCG’s real strengths, our people make this business bloom.

They are the foremost and primary reason for our ongoing and continuous success. We aim to build strong, meaningful, and lasting relationships with our dedicated and loyal employees who have been onboard for over 4 decades. Our teams are known for their innovative and proactive approach and their commitment to the principles of collaborative contracting.

BCG employs over 5,000 experienced personnel across all levels of staffing, ranging from senior managers and engineers to foremen and labourers, all bringing diverse perspectives and experience to our industry. BCG currently operates 3 well-equipped labour camps to cater for project-accommodation requirements.

Organizational Structure

Management Capability

Health & Safety

Keeping our personnel and project sites safe is central to everything we do at BCG. Being part of BCG’s core values and as a leading national company, we are committed to upholding the highest possible safety standards across our business. Our safety culture has been forged from the top down, and from day one, these values are instilled within our organization to ensure the welfare of our people. We retain a knowledgeable and highly skilled team that is committed to safety; adhering to comprehensive HSE safety standards and procedures for each project. All health and safety team members on site obtain a NEBOSH International Certificate.


As a company that strives for excellence, our reputation is built on quality. Our team endeavours to incorporate quality-control measures into all facets of our business. BCG’s commitment to quality and the best workmanship standards are always evident in the hundreds of projects executed in our rich portfolio. We operate a certified Quality Management System to ISO 9001:2015 (Certified by TUV Nord), and our corporate culture embodies a strong belief in providing only first-rate service.


BCG recognises that operating in a sustainable manner is an important business practice that enhances value for shareholders, employees and the communities in which we operate. We make every effort to maintain the delicate balance between responsible development and preserving the environment, remaining acutely aware of our carbon footprint while looking for ways to reduce it. These efforts include implementation of a fleet-management system that keeps track of and decreases our fuel consumption using GPS systems. A unique environmental plan is created for every project to ensure that soil erosion, waste, noise, dust and other factors are minimised.

We pride ourselves to have successfully delivered Istidama and LEED certified projects across the UAE. We are highly sensitive to the overriding need to consider and protect our natural environment to preserve the land for future generations to enjoy.

Financial Strength

The financial strength of a construction company is the cornerstone of success. Having been in business since 1967, BCG has built a solid financial foundation that is a key indicator of our prosperity. This sheds a vital light for clients as it gives them confidence, trust, and comfort in the partner they select.

​For more than 50 years, BCG has maintained a conservative and fiscally-sound approach to management. Our company’s financial strength is reflected through the solid relationship and trust we have with the region’s leading banks since 1970.

Technical Capability

Project Management

BCG implements high-level standards of project management to ensure that all projects’ objectives are fully attained. BCG’s management continuously improves project-management resources, systems and tools. BCG’s successful project management concentrates on three core values: time, cost and quality. Our efficiency and cost-control measures have not only our best interests but more importantly, our clients’ interests at heart. We have consistently demonstrated the necessary management and organisational skills required to support some of the largest projects in the region.

Moreover, our successful project management strategies allow us to:

  • Set clear objectives and defined scopes
  • Supply crucial resources where and when required
  • Use a structured process for managing risk
  • Manage communications and supply-chain relationships
  • Complete projects on time and budget, as originally intended
  • Effective use of project management software (Primavera) for planning,  monitoring and delivering complex projects
  • Efficient cost control process at every stage of the project, using the best techniques for monitoring productivity and costs
  • Use of KPI’s to measure and monitor factors critical to the success of projects


Innovation is part of our core rationale. Regardless of the project and location, our engineers encounter some of the most complex and challenging problems. By applying our ingenuity and creativity, we innovate to find the most cost-effective solutions for our clients. As a multi-disciplinary contractor, we view matters in a unique perspective, and offer our expertise across sub-structural, civil, hydraulic, architectural and electromechanical engineering services all under one roof. This allows us to deliver efficient solutions to construction. Moreover, this integrated insight allows us to foresee risk and overcome potential time and cost impacts on the programme. At BCG, we also provide design and build solutions for our clients including turn key options for projects that are designed, approved, procured and executed by our teams.

Digital Engineering

Digital engineering, also known as building information modelling (BIM), is much more complex than just developing models. It entails harnessing the true potential of the construction industry. This state-of-the-art digital technology enables us to integrate data about a building’s design, construction and in-use functions into the project plan to ensure that the most efficient delivery methods are used. BIM also allows us for an early stage multi-disciplinary clash detection, ensuring a seamless site execution and handover.