Design & Build

Design & Build Service

At BCG‭, ‬we provide cost-effective services to enhance the execution and management of many different types of projects to accommodate for the owner’s specific requirements and long-term objectives‭. ‬The term Design and Build refers to a procurement route in which the contractor is appointed to carry out the design and construction of the works‭, ‬as opposed to a traditional contract‭, ‬where the client appoints consultants to design and a contractor to carry out the construction‭.‬

Design and Build assigns a single responsibility for delivering the entire project‭. ‬This method enables the contractor to start‭ ‬executing site works while the design is still being completed‭, ‬creating an overlap between both the design and the execution‭, ‬thus decreasing the project’s delivery timeframe‭.

At BCG‭, ‬we have carried out significant Design and Build projects in the region‭, ‬such as the H.H Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin‭ ‬Rashid Sports Complex and the King Abdullah Financial District in Riyadh‭. ‬These projects demonstrate iconic designs that showcase our successful partnerships in delivering complex projects‭.‬