EPC (Engineer‭, ‬Procure‭, ‬Construct)

EPC‭ (‬Engineer‭, ‬Procure‭, ‬Construct‭), ‬also known as a turnkey contract‭, ‬is a service that BCG provides to facilitate an effective‭ ‬delivery methodology for certain project requirements and visions‭. ‬Similar to the Design and Build form of procurement‭, ‬EPC allows the client to have a single point of contact with the contactor‭. ‬Furthermore‭, ‬the design and construction programmes overlap‭,‬‭ ‬which in turn decreases the total duration of the project’s delivery‭. ‬However‭, ‬unlike Design and Build‭, ‬the client will less likely be involved during the design stage‭, ‬placing more responsibility on the contractor‭. ‬

As the name implies‭, ‬a turnkey contract refers to our obligation to deliver a fully functional facility that is ready to be operated as soon as the handover is completed‭, ‬ensuring an expedited return on the investment strategy‭.‬

At BCG‭, ‬we have carried out various projects that have challenged us in managing the design‭, ‬logistics and construction of complex facilities‭. ‬A prominent example is the Velana International Airport Project in the Maldives‭, ‬where the location and the project brief posed significant logistical challenges for our inhouse teams‭.‬