Operation & Maintenance

Operation & Maintenance Service

At BCG‭, ‬the client’s satisfaction is our top priority‭. ‬Therefore‭, ‬we understood the importance of establishing an Operation and Maintenance department with a clear objective of providing continuous support and quality service to our distinctive clients‭, ‬ensuring a long-term‭ ‬strategic relationship‭. ‬

Being in the market for over 55‭ ‬years‭, ‬BCG has gathered expertise from its surroundings‭, ‬clients‭, ‬subcontractors and competitors‭. ‬Furthermore‭, ‬to cater to our end users‭, ‬we focus on providing our clients the option not only to construct but also to maintain and operate‭. ‬

Our Operation team is trained in the latest technologies and systems‭, ‬such as SCADA and Building Management Systems‭ (‬BMS‭). ‬These‭ ‬systems provide the most efficient operation in various facilities‭, ‬including chiller plants‭, ‬sewage and electricity plants‭, ‬high-rise buildings and housing complexes‭.